One Hundred Goldfish

Well hello there. I’m Rob. You may know me from my blog A Goldfish Called Regret or posts I have written at Toppermost. Well this blog is a sideline to the main blog because… Because I can do it this way.

A few weeks back I asked for suggestions about what I could write for the hundredth post at Goldfish and out of the hundreds of suggestions (oh ok there was only one suggestion) the idea of a Top 100 songs came up. Now any regular Goldfish reader will know a lot of my favourite songs because I write about them and the circumstances around them and the associated memories. So I would be repeating myself by writing about them again. What I intend to create here is a series of 100 posts where I look at one song and what it means to me. I’m not sure when it will actually start, but at least by publicly stating the existence of the blog and my intentions then perhaps I’ll write the pieces.

So that’s somewhere out in the future…


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